Indoor Cycling

No matter the weather.
Burn calories and fabfit those legs and waistline. Creating an overall good feeling.



A great way to burn calories and increase circulation.
Making your heart and lungs stronger.



An effective way to reduce injury and increase flexibility.
Dynamic and Static stretches will aid in range of motion.



Fabulous for all and effective as we get older. Increase your metabolic rate and get leaner.Helps increase bone density. Create and Sculpt your vision.

If your mind says yes, Your body will co-operate. Dedication, commitment .
Let Fabulous Fit help you stay motivated.

It can be scary going to a gym alone for many reasons.
Two of the most common reasons – not knowing what to do or how to do it. Our team of expert trainers can teach you. Safe , Effective Training. On-Line/Home/Office!   (ASK US ABOUT OUR GROUP RATES)

We value your trust.

– Marie


I’ve been in the fitness field for the past 10 years. I am extremely passionate about what I do. As a mom of 3, I realize how everyday stress can impact mood and motivation. However, I believe that you CAN get that energy and motivation back! Let me inspire you , show you and bring into action what is already in your mind!

Put Fabulousfit in you pocket NOW! Where ever you are in the world your coach can be with you! No gym memberships , your space, your time!

I would love to meet you!                            Fabulous Fit is YOUR ON-LINE Training

– Marie


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